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Amazing Animal Shelter Using Analagous Greens

by Joann Eckstut on October 31, 2011

In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, here’s a bold and stunning example of the use of an analagous analagous color scheme by Arons en Gelauff Architecten. More views here.


Color Does Wonders As Student Mentor

by Joann Eckstut on October 31, 2011

At Publicolor volunteers work with students in NYC in a mentorship program that brightens far more than the school’s walls. The students refurbish school classrooms and corridors by applying color with paint in exciting ways. Long after the paint has dried the partnership survives. Students and volunteers meet throughout the year in what the program calls “Next Step Prep” encouraging students to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams and goals. The genius behind this colorful idea is Ruth Lande Shulman, an industrial designer. See an example of before and after below. For more information check out


Luminous New Color Tool

by Joann Eckstut on October 31, 2011

There’s a wonderful new way to create color on interior or exterior walls: LED LIGHTING. Examples abound for both interior and exterior applications. It can be programmed as 1 color or as changing hues to suit your taste. And there are 16.7 million colors from which to choose! This technology creates a different kind of ambiance in a room than paint. I would describe it as atmospheric. Although painted walls may reflect their color on objects in the room when light comes from a certain direction, it’s not as all encompassing. Definitely worth a look/see.

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